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How AR and VR Could Usher in a New Era of Experience

AR-VR New Era

How AR and VR Could Usher in a New Era of Experience

Now, more than ever, our physical and digital worlds are merging. People can go to a festival in a field or visit an art gallery in a foreign city or watch their favorite band perform live. But they can also experience the very best in art, culture and entertainment from home, too.

The pandemic didn’t only accelerate tech advances, it changed expectations. People turned to all kinds of tech for engaging experiences they were sorely lacking in real life. Industry leaders think that now these expectations have changed, there’s no going back.

This is the promise of the metaverse; the idea that our physical and digital worlds will become so intertwined we won’t think twice about shopping or working with our augmented reality (AR) specs or going to a work conference and visiting a friend for drinks on the other side of the planet with our virtual reality (VR) headset. It is clear that advances in AR and VR, often referred to as extended realities (XR), will shape not only how we play, but how we work and live too.

Want to know how XR technologies can be utilized for working, productivity, socializing, culture and art?

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