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How Brands Are Using the Metaverse to Reinvent the Holiday Seasons

Virtual reality holiday party

How Brands Are Using the Metaverse to Reinvent the Holiday Seasons

How are brands re-inventing their approach to fit with our expectations of a NFT, VR and AR meta-holiday? What are they doing to stand out?

From AR to VR to the metaverse to NFTs, brands are doing all they can to be the go-to for high-tech holiday experiences, gifts, and more.

Read about the seven ways metaverse projects are impacting the holiday season.

Here is the summary of one of these seven ways:

NFT Holiday Gifts

Valdé Divine Collection, a made-to-order luxury makeup brand, has taken a leap into the virtual world. Each of its individual product comes with its very own NFT. The company sees the potential of NFTs to provide an extensive customer beyond the physical product, extending it into the virtual.

For singles day in China, Alibaba unveiled a “Double 11 Metaverse Art Exhibition”, presented by their virtual influencer Ayayi. The event featured a number of luxury brands, including Burberry, Kiehl’s, XPeng, and Alienware.

As part of the exhibition, NFTs were tied to the purchase of a limited-edition product. Burberry alone minted 1,000 NFTs, featuring a 3D interactive version of its deer mascot, alongside a physical scarf worn by the deer. Kiehl’s offered a NFT alongside purchases of its Ultra Face Cream, which featured its skeleton mascot relaxing on a flying carpet made of liquid metal.

You can also sell your gifts, just like in real life.

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