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How METAVERSE Will Change The FUTURE World?

Metaverse Change The World

How METAVERSE Will Change The FUTURE World?

The word Metaverse is a mash-up—Meta comes from Greek and means “next” or “beyond.” So Metaverse means the next universe or beyond the universe.

Another way to understand the Metaverse is to think of it as the Internet we know today but in 3D. It’s a digital universe we will be able to enter as individualized avatars and then interact with other people’s avatars.

The Metaverse is coming whether you are ready for it or not. And the Metaverse will impact all areas of our lives once it is up and running. The Metaverse is no longer a fictional sci-fi concept anymore. It’s here, and it is only getting bigger.

Want to know the 10 ways the Metaverse will change the world?

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