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How Smart Glasses Are Becoming Training Wheels For XR

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How Smart Glasses Are Becoming Training Wheels For XR

I recently wrote about the Rise of Wearable Face Computers where I explore the role of smart glasses and how they may impact the wearable computing space in the new year.

However, these glasses may play a more significant role in making AR an important stepping stone toward broadening the consumer market’s interest and acceptance of spatial computing.

When it comes out early next year, Apple’s Vision Pro headset will deliver the most definitive experience in spatial computing in 2024. However, its $3500 price tag and limited availability due to manufacturing constraints will mean that only a select group can buy and experience what it offers.

We are seeing a strong interest in lower-cost smart glasses that deliver various wearable experiences. These smart glasses will be an essential part of laying the groundwork for more people to eventually buy into the importance of face computers as they evolve in design and functionality and have more AR/XR capabilities.

While Apple’s Vision Pro will draw interest from industry professionals, developers, content creators, and early adopters, most cannot afford to join the Vision Pro bandwagon. Instead, many will look for other ways to become familiar with smart glasses to try and experience spatial computing even in its most basic form and functionality.

Want to learn which smart glass products Tim thinks will be seen as options to experience spatial computing?




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