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How To Choose CRM Software Article

How To Choose CRM Software Article

Last week, published an article “How To Choose CRM Software” from Brenda Poster-Rockwell on the appropriate method of choosing CRM software to fulfill your company’s needs.  ISM President,  Barton Goldenberg, was quoted several times in this article.

Here is an excerpt in the article in which Barton discusses the necessity of obtaining the support of staff in an CRM initiative, along with the actual costs of a CRM system:

CRMs offers “business functionality at your fingertips that will save a ton of time for front-line personnel.” 

Although there are many reasons to invest in a CRM, there are potential obstacles to successful usage. One of the most important factors on the road to success is employee buy-in. “Fifty percent of the initiative is people,” said Goldenberg. There has to be “a willingness and commitment of a company to be structured in your sales, marketing, and customer service approach,” before implementing a CRM.

Short of the threat of job loss, to encourage employee buy-in, Goldenberg suggested a top-down approach whereby management sets the example in using the tool. Also, he suggested creating a “CRM Champion,” someone who is the go-to employee (not the boss) who really understands the system. Further, Goldenberg suggested offering rewards and incentives to help employees overcome the fear and concern of learning the new system.

Among other roadblocks to CRM success, the next major challenge is the cost. Goldenberg said it can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000 per user per year to implement a CRM. “The CEO needs to understand the cost of CRM goes beyond simple licensing, rather it encompass the license, training, and whatever business process changes they need to make.

 In addition, Barton also discusses three areas to consider when weighing the pros and cons of a CRM System: Platform, Ease of Implementing CRM and Vendor Strength/Weaknesses.

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