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How To Keep The Metaverse From Becoming A DotCom Bust


How To Keep The Metaverse From Becoming A DotCom Bust


During the late 1990s, the world of technology launched what has been called the Internet DotCom era. The internet itself was very new, but developing web sites was relatively easy to do, so people with all types of ideas created a plethora of web apps to reflect their interests and business concepts.

Entrepreneurs created tens of thousands of web apps, and while some, like Facebook, had legs, 97% of them did not.

The poster child for this was, which debuted with much fanfare but died a painful death.

Most became a form of speculation with no actual business model behind them. This overpopulation of speculative websites led to what is now known as the DotCom bust.

The operative term here is business model. During this time, I reviewed over 100 DotCom business plans and most projected business growth numbers that were, to be honest, absurd. What’s worse, these hastily created business plans had minimal business strategies based more on guesstimates than hard facts.

Want to learn how to avoid making investments for another potential DotCom bust company in the Metaverse?

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