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VR Training Transforms Employee Skills

employee skills

VR Training Transforms Employee Skills

As employers look to support their employees and uplevel their skills, Fortune 1000 companies are finding training in VR to be effective, efficient and most likely, more enjoyable than traditional e-learning programs. Global retail, banks and logistics companies are among the many industries finding VR to be tremendously valuable for onboarding, upskilling and reskilling.

Employers today are finding impressive results from VR programs already in use. A recent PwC study found that 51 percent of companies are already using VR or are incorporating VR into their corporate strategy, while another 30 percent are in the research and planning phase. VR was initially targeted at training hard skills such as how to operate specialized tools or heavy equipment, but the PwC study found that companies are finding VR just as valuable for teaching interpersonal soft skills.

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