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Why the Industrial Metaverse Will Eclipse the Consumer One?

Industrial Metaverse

Why the Industrial Metaverse Will Eclipse the Consumer One?

The consumer metaverse, exemplified by immersive games, new shopping experiences and the explosion of VR goggles, is the more visible, hyped side of the metaverse. But there may be far more money to be made in the industrial metaverse. That is the prediction of Michael Inouye, Principal Analyst at ABI Research.

The firm estimates that the industrial metaverse could grow into a $100 billion market by 2030. That is larger than the $50 billion consumer metaverse and the $30 billion enterprise metaverse combined.

The industrial metaverse includes architecture engineering and construction, manufacturing (automotive, pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods and electronics), energy and utilities, and aerospace and defense. Applications like immersive collaboration have broader enterprise use cases in markets like retail and commerce, healthcare, education, financial markets and other businesses.

Want to learn why Michael Inouye believes that the industrial metaverse will grow faster than the consumer metaverse, along with what are the use cases and underlying technology that will drive it?

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