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Initial User Training For CRM Systems

Initial User Training For CRM Systems

Here is my discussion on Initial User Training For CRM Systems, one of the Six Types of CRM Training

Initial User Training.

If you purchase off-the-shelf software, initial user training is often included or can be negotiated into the overall price of the software. This training may consist of sessions held at your facilities, at the vendor’s facilities, or at a third-party site. Some vendors, especially those that provide Web-based software applications, are now offering online training using collaboration tools and services that run on your in-house or outsourced Learning Management Systems (LMS). If your company has developed the software in-house, you will need to arrange this training on your own since you have developed the software, although there are several excellent CRM training companies like TRG, Inc., out of Colorado, that create and implement CRM training for in-house CRM system developments.

Initial user training sessions tend to last between one and two days, although sessions may be longer depending on the complexity of the system. Typically, between 8 and 12 user participants attend these sessions. Ideally, the instructor-to-student ratio should be 1 to 4, so keep the number of participants to under 15 per session for the best results.

These sessions should include hands-on training, so participants should have equipment for system access, such as PCs or handheld devices) assigned to them, with printers and Internet access. This way, as the instructor explains a function or feature, participants can immediately perform the same function or feature on their PCs. It may also be useful to have a teaching script prepared to ensure that the training supports your company’s way of conducting business.

The initial user training should provide users with an overview of the system by providing “a day in the life …” training, then go into individual system functions and features. After each section of the training, be sure that participants take a hands-on test to show that they have understood how to use that section effectively. Participants can use a computer-aided training program, which automatically scores the user’s test results. Each participant also should receive a set of User Documentation on the CRM system during this training session.

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