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Inside the ‘Metaverse School’ Teaching Pupils in VR

Metaverse Education

Inside the ‘Metaverse School’ Teaching Pupils in VR

Inside the ‘Metaverse School’ Teaching Pupils in VR

When you can shrink yourself down to explore the inner workings of the human heart in vivid virtual reality; biology class might never be the same again.

Pupils at Reddam House School in Berkshire, England, are using VR headsets to enter the metaverse for a variety of interactive lessons; from getting up close and personal with a woolly mammoth to manipulating the planets of the solar system.

The pilot project will be accessible from anywhere in the world by students who are part of the Inspired Education group Set in over 100 acres of countryside west of London, the imposing Victorian mansion that now houses much of the school dates back to the early 19th Century.

The ‘digital twin’ of the school was created by stitching together thousands of images, with many of the VR lessons taking place in front of the computer-generated mansion. Subjects including science, history, art and geography are all brought to life with students working together in VR.

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