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From a new industry focused on contact management and sales automation inthe mid-1980s, CRM has grown into a mature and rapidly evolving, $40 billion industry focused on:

  • Sales enablement
  • Customer service enablement
  • Marketing enablement
  • Call Center enablement

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Lured by the promise of increased productivity, enhanced sales, improved marketing, better service and lowered costs, CRM has now been implemented by hundreds of thousands of organizations as an integral component of their customer-centric strategies. The successes have been real, and the results have been significant.

But like all things that appear too good to be true, organizations have faced tremendous challenges in building successful CRM programs and realizing effective returns on investment. The current CRM failure rate is still greater than 50%, and that does not include organizations that have only achieved marginal returns or have never been able to fully implement their CRM programs.

The ISM Difference

ISM will help you cut through the technology clutter so that you can focus on the right long-term investments. We will help you understand how best to market, sell and service digital customers. We will work with you to create a multi-year Emerging Technologies Strategy & Implementation Plan that tightly links to your overarching business objectives and strategies and ensures your organization’s long-term digital success. We are uniquely positioned to make this difference through:

  • More than 3 decades of thought leadership and experience
  • Proven implementation methodologies and support
  • A metrics-based approach to driving successful outcomes
  • 100% objectivity from all technology vendors & implementation partners
  • An engagement model that utilizes seasoned executives, not mid-to-lower tier staff
  • A history of success with world-class, global B2B and B2C organizations
  • The ability to help you at any stage of your Emerging Technologies journey including design, vendor selection and implementation of new technologies AND/OR the re-engineering of legacy systems.

ISM Offerings

ISM’s core service offerings can be customized to provide the greatest impact on your customer relationship management journey. Key CRM service offerings include:

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