Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

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Almost 9 out of 10 US consumers say they would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience.  Moreover, it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.  No wonder the world’s best run organizations are obsessed with Customer Experience Management – the art and science of delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Prior to contacting you, more than 80% of customers have done their homework regarding your products/services and those of your competition.  They have a preferred buying channel, whether it is face-to-face, your website, the Internet, your contact center, etc.  To secure their business, you need to be present in their preferred channel with the right product or service, at the right time, and at the right price. You also must understand each customer’s journey preferences, regularly monitor customer satisfaction, and have in place a closed-loop process to resolve customer service issues quickly.  Anything less can lead to lost sales, lost customers, and ultimately to your company’s demise.

However, Customer Experience Management can’t be a stand-alone initiative. Rather, it must be a component of an Integrated Customer-Centric Strategy that seamlessly integrates Customer Experience with Traditional Media, Social Media, eCommerce, and Emerging Technology activities to ensure that you optimally engage with each customer. 

Our Offering

We assess how well your organization is performing its customer experience management by reviewing your internal process and tools as well as gathering insights directly from your customers.  We then work with you to create a customer experience strategy that delivers a world-class experience for each of your customers.  If needed, we facilitate your software selection process and assist with its implementation.  The end-result: high customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy!

Sample Deliverables

  • A written assessment of your current customer experience efforts.
  • Design and implementation of Voice of the Customer activities including online surveys, focus groups, Social Media monitoring and more.
  • Software selection and implementation assistance.
  • Setting and measuring metrics for your customer experience efforts.
  • Review of and/or creation of world-class Customer Journey Maps.
  • Optimization of your customer channel strategy.
  • Tight integration of your customer experience strategy with other customer-centric initiatives including Social Media, eCommerce, and emerging Technologies.


  • Leverage ISM’s 30+ years of experience creating and implementing highly successful customer experience initiatives for the global, best-in-class organizations.
  • Ensure your organization takes a holistic, cross-departmental approach to customer experience.
  • Integrate Voice of the Customer into your product development efforts.
  • Maximize the optimal customer journey for each identified customer/customer groups.
  • Realize lowest-cost-to-serve distribution channel strategy to maximum contribution margins.
  • Enhance customer experience to achieve customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy to drive sales.
  • We always utilize a people/process/technology approach to ensure your success.
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