eCommerce Strategy

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eCommerce in the US, worth $342 billion in 2015, now accounts for 8% of total retail sales – more than double its share only a decade ago.  Given that global eCommerce is forecasted to explode to 15% of total worldwide retail sales by 2020, any B2C, B2B or B2B2C company without a solid, long-term eCommerce strategy is taking a huge risk.

A comprehensive eCommerce strategy encompasses new website technology, customized customer portals, optimized search engine visibility, an effective shopping cart, meaningful next-best-offers, and much more.   However, eCommerce shouldn’t be a stand-alone initiative.  Rather, it must be a part of a larger Integrated Customer-centric Strategy that incorporates data from both online and offline sources and dovetails with other Social Media, Customer Experience and Emerging Technology initiatives.

Our Offering

At ISM, we design, build and implement eCommerce strategies. To ready your organization for the future, we ensure that all eCommerce efforts leverage customer data in your Holistic Customer Profiles and use Big Data Analytics tools to achieve maximum customer engagement.  Most importantly, we also ensure that your eCommerce efforts tightly integrate with all other customer-centric initiatives to maximize customer acquisition, retention and growth.

Sample Deliverables

  • Creation and implementation of your eCommerce strategy, including integration with your holistic customer profiles and big data analytics.
  • Your 3 to 5-year eCommerce strategy roadmap, including integration with other customer-centric initiatives.
  • Your eCommerce business justification document.
  • Development of metrics for your eCommerce strategy.


  • Leverage ISM’s 30+ years of experience creating and implementing highly successful eCommerce initiatives for the global, best-in-class organizations.
  • A holistic, cross-departmental approach to eCommerce, involving People, Process and Technology.
  • Increased eCommerce sales.
  • Readiness to engage with the digital customer of the future.
  • Cutting-edge eCommerce tools and techniques to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.
  • Tight integration of your eCommerce strategy with other Social Media, Customer Experience, and Emerging Technology initiatives.
  • Enhanced customer engagement to drive customer acquisition, retention and growth.

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