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Emerging Technologies Strategy

Identify and Implement the Best Options

Organizations are continually challenged by rapidly evolving technologies that profoundly impact the way they deal with their customers, partners and workforce. Some will adapt and survive; others will not.

Amazon, Uber, and Tesla are excellent examples of companies winning in today’s global marketplace. They are a part of a digital business revolution that requires businesses to continually reinvent themselves using the latest technologies just to stay alive. These and other companies know that an effective Emerging Technologies strategy will help them create better products and services, engage more effectively with their digital clients, significantly drive down costs, and stay one step ahead of their competition. Will your company follow Amazon, Uber and Tesla’s trajectory or that of Polaroid, Radio Shack, and Borders Books?

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The reasons to implement Emerging Technologies are compelling, but the options can be overwhelming:

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Digital Customer Communities
  • 5G
  • Identity Resolution
  • Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Wearables
  • Mobile apps/mobile technologies
  • Personalized, Digital Videos
  • Addressable TV
  • Digital Portals
  • Blockchain

Challenges abound. Unreliable information as to how to select the right technologies, inaccurate cost-of-ownership data and difficulty forecasting accurate return-on-investment are just examples. Many organizations either give up, move too slowly or make significant mistakes. We help you avoid these outcomes.

The ISM Difference

ISM will help you cut through the technology clutter so that you can focus on the right long-term investments. We will help you understand how best to market, sell and service digital customers. We will work with you to create a multi-year Emerging Technologies Strategy & Implementation Plan that tightly links to your overarching business objectives and strategies and ensures your organization’s long-term digital success. We are uniquely positioned to make this difference through:

  • More than 3 decades of thought leadership and experience
  • Proven implementation methodologies and support
  • A metrics-based approach to driving successful outcomes
  • 100% objectivity from all technology vendors & implementation partners
  • An engagement model that utilizes seasoned executives, not mid-to-lower tier staff
  • A history of success with world-class, global B2B and B2C organizations
  • The ability to help you at any stage of your Emerging Technologies journey including design, vendor selection and implementation of new technologies AND/OR the re-engineering of legacy systems.

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ISM Services

ISM’s core service offerings can be customized to provide maximum impact. Key service offerings in the area of Emerging Technologies include:

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