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Amazon, Uber, and Tesla are excellent examples of companies winning in today’s global marketplace.  They are a part of a digital business revolution that amounts to a changing of the guard.  It requires businesses to continually reinvent themselves using the latest technologies just to stay alive.  These and other companies know that an effective Emerging Technologies strategy will help them create better products and services, engage more effectively with their digital clients, significantly drive down costs, and stay one step ahead of their competition.  Will your company follow Amazon, Uber and Tesla’s trajectory or that of Polaroid, Radio Shack, and Borders Books?

At ISM, we believe that creating an effective Emerging Technologies strategy is critical to the future of every organization.  To market, sell and service digital customers effectively, all companies must put in place an effective mobile strategy.  B2C and B2B companies must have virtual- and augmented-reality strategies.  They must also have an Internet of Things strategy.  Most B2C companies will also need a wearables technology strategy as well as personalized video and addressable TV strategies.

However, your Emerging Technologies strategy shouldn’t be a stand-alone initiative.  Rather, it must be a seamless component of a larger Integrated Customer-centric Strategy that pro-actively integrates Emerging Technologies into your Social Media, Customer Experience and eCommerce activities to ensure optimal engagement with each customer.

Our Offering

At ISM, we’re customer-centric technology consultants. We design, build and implement Emerging Technologies strategies.  This includes identifying which technologies to use where, when and with whom.  We ensure that all Emerging Technologies efforts are tightly integrated into your Holistic Customer Profiles and use Big Data Analytics tools to ensure maximum customer engagement.  Most importantly, we also ensure that your Emerging Technologies activities tightly integrate with all other customer-centric activities to maximize customer acquisition, retention and growth.

Sample Deliverables

  • Your Emerging Technologies strategy, both internal and customer-facing.
  • Your 3-5 year Emerging Technologies strategy roadmap.
  • Your Emerging Technologies business justification document.
  • Assistance selecting and implementing Emerging Technologies tools and software.
  • Metrics for your Emerging Technologies efforts.


  • Leverage ISM’s 3 decades of thought leadership and experience creating and implementing Emerging Technologies strategies.
  • A holistic, cross-departmental approach to Emerging Technologies, involving People, Process and Technology.
  • Cost-efficient creation and implementation of your Emerging Technologies strategy, roadmap, and business justification documents.
  • Tight integration of your Emerging Technologies strategy with other off-line and on-line digital initiatives.
  • Higher customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

For additional information about ISM’s Emerging Technology Strategy services, call (301) 656-8448, or e-mail us at dbadner@ismguide.com