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Holistic Customer Profile

Holistic Profile

Holistic Customer Profiles

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At the core of every successful CRM initiative is the creation and implementation of “holistic customer profiles,” also known as customer master files.  The holistic customer profile is like a daisy with the customer in the center of the flower and all relevant customer information – from transactions to customer service incidents, from activities to next best offer, from opportunities to financial value, and more – stored in the petals of the flower. Creating Holistic Customer Profiles has become more challenging than ever given the explosion of digital data.  That’s why ISM utilizes a new technology called Identity Resolution, together with a 3-step process, to help organizations aggregate customer data from an almost limitless variety of sources.

Step #1: Gather customer data. Identity Resolution tools compile customer data from online sources such as website visits or social media participation, as well as offline sources such as point-of-sale data or calls into a contact center.

Step #2: Perform “identity recognition”. These tools next apply “identity recognition” to map online and offline data to a single individual. Using sophisticated technology, identity-recognition software knows which sites or social media communities someone has visited. Once the individual reveals either his or her name, physical address, email address or phone number, the software can link him or her to each of numerous other IDs created online. The result is a merged, single customer data record.

Step #3: Integrate merged data into the holistic customer profile. This merged, single record – built on an amazing compilation of both online and offline data – is now ready for use in Holistic Customer Profiles. Companies can then apply data analytics tools to segment customers and prospects, create look-alike models for ad targeting, suggest next best offer, etc.

Holistic Customer Profiles form the basis for every successful CRM initiative. They are equally critical for successful Social Media, Customer Experience, eCommerce and Emerging Technology initiatives. Identity Resolution tools ensure that all relevant online and offline information gets into the profile, and Big Data Analytics tools ensure that profile information is fully leveraged to drive optimal customer engagement.

Our Offering

At ISM, we design, build and implement Holistic Customer Profiles, and seamlessly integrate them with your CRM, Social Media, Customer Experience, eCommerce and Emerging Technology initiatives. We have been building successful customer profiles for more than 3 decades. We know that building and maintaining a Holistic Customer Profiles is in fact a business process. We ensure your profiles get set up correctly, and that they remain relevant over time.

Sample Deliverables

  • Design and implementation of your Holistic Customer Profiles.
  • Selection and application of Identity Resolution tools to ensure seamless integration of relevant online and offline customer data from transactional, CRM and third-party data sources.
  • Business process procedures to keep your Holistic Customer Profiles relevant over time.
  • Employment of Big Data Analytics to maximize the value of your Holistic Customer Profiles to your customer engagement efforts.
  • Metrics for measuring Holistic Customer Profile effectiveness.


  • Leverage ISM’s 30+ years of experience creating and implementing effective Holistic Customer Profiles for the global, best-in-class organizations.
  • A holistic, cross-departmental approach to creating Holistic Customer Profiles, involving People, Process and Technology.
  • Cost-efficient creation and implementation of your Holistic Customer Profile strategy, roadmap, and business justification documents.
  • Leverage ISM’s knowledge of Identity Resolution and Big Data Analytics to ensure your Holistic Customer Profiles are optimally set up and used in your customer engagement efforts.
  • Business processes that ensure the optimal growth and relevance of your profiles over time.
  • Tight integration of your holistic customer profiles with your CRM, Social Media, Customer Experience, eCommerce, and Emerging Technology initiatives.
  • Enhanced customer engagement to drive customer acquisition, retention and growth.

For additional information about ISM’s CRM/Holistic Customer Profile services, call (301) 656-8448, or e-mail us at