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Tim and Barton’s VR/AR/XR Blogs

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VR/AR: A Game-Changing Tool for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

By Barton Goldenberg

VR/AR has established itself as the most disruptive technology for the next decade.  Best-in-class companies areVR/AR embracing these technologies to provide unforgettable customer experiences, convenience, and support in our digital world.  Among thought leaders in multiple industries, applying VR/AR to sales and marketing is the norm today.

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VR Leveraged in Digital Communities Enhance Customer EngagementVR

By Barton Goldenberg

Our forward-thinking clients are leveraging private digital customer communities to foster engagement with their customers. These collaboration communities are integrated tightly with your CRM system and data management platform leveraging VR, AR, and other emerging technologies to support and engage customers.  

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