Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry VR and AR Use Cases

VR and AR in Action


Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Industry: Biotech/Pharmaceutical
Specific Industry: Pharmaceutical

Use Case: Training

AR Technologies Provides Tradeshow Booth Learning in an Immersive, Innovative Environment

Before the advent of AR and VR, exhibit booths were restricted by regulatory standards and passive, low-interaction medical content that hampered their ability to engage health care providers in the booth for educational and scientific exchange. Currently, Bayer has partnered with Pixacore, a sales and marketing firm, to invigorate the company’s scientific content through implementing AR and VR digital strategies for the purpose of educating on oncology pipeline pathways in an immersive, innovative environment.

Bayer uses Magic Leap, a head-mounted virtual retinal display that superimposes 3D computer-generated imagery over real-world objects to bring information to life. Bayer staffer, Dr. Malhotra states “We knew we were on to something; for physicians to spend eight or 10 minutes going through multiple pathways at a booth is unheard of”. “Who spends eight minutes in a medical congress booth, especially when they’re not getting anything else but education — no tchotchkes, not even a cup of coffee?”

The first time Bayer used AR at a medical meeting, Bayer saw its engagement per booth attendance soar from under two minutes to up to 10 minutes on average. This certainly solidifies the theory that cutting-edge AR and VR technology increases consumer buy-in and drives the educational value of the scientific content.

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