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Tim and Barton’s VR/AR/XR Articles

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Why Corporate America Needs A Metaverse Investigator

By Tim Bajarin

We all know that the tech buzzword of the day is the Metaverse. Of course, there are many views about what the Metaverse is and should be in concept. However, it is really about a virtual world where people can play immersive games, create their own “personal” virtual worlds and eventually even shop and do business within this replication of the real world. Read the rest of the article.


How VR And AR Can Impact Field Service

By Tim Bajarin

Augmented reality and virtual reality field service applications can replace bulky operator manuals and handheld devices withRepairing a truck using augmented reality application. better user experience and hands-free operation abilities. This is because AR and VR devices make necessary information easily accessible in an immersive format that includes 3D illustrations, video-driven instructions, and real-time feedback if connected to an in-house technician if needed. AR and VR-based wearable devices boost technicians’ efficiencies in offering field services. Read the rest of the article.


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VR/AR: A Game-Changing Tool for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

By Barton Goldenberg

Now is the time to create and/or implement your AR/VR strategy.  Start by asking these questions: Where could VR/AR haveVR/AR the greatest impact in my organization: customer acquisition, customer retention, or customer growth?  How will my colleagues and I learn more about the VR/AR ‘Art-of-the-Possible’?  Read the rest of the article.



How AR Glasses Could Benefit The Blind

By Tim Bajarin

When we think about AR glasses, we mostly think of them as smart glasses that can view our real-world environment and then super-impose data, information, and enhanced images about objects we are seeing in and around us.

It allows a person to ask the device to read the specific text a person wants to hear- things like headlines, specific menu items, and more. These types of smart glasses are great tools for the visually impaired or blind today, and for those who use them, the increased ease of everyday tasks has improved their lives.  Read the rest of the article.


AR For Hearing Is Making Strides, AR Glasses Are Still A Far Off Dream

By Tim Bajarin

Most of us are already familiar with AR in our world today. For example, typical hearing aids augment the ability to hear better. Adding AR to eyeglasses will be the most difficult problem to solve related to augmenting vision. Read the rest of the article.

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CRM Magazine Articles by Barton VR Leveraged in Digital Communities Enhance Customer EngagementVR

By Barton Goldenberg

Our forward-thinking clients are leveraging private digital customer communities to foster engagement with their customers. These collaboration communities are integrated tightly with your CRM system and data management platform leveraging VR, AR, and other emerging technologies to support and engage customers.  Read the rest of the article.


VR Events And Meetings Could Soon Go Mainstream

By Tim Bajarin

As a technology analyst since 1981, I have attended thousands of press conferences and events worldwide. In some cases, I flew thousands of miles to attend these events in places like Beijing, Athens, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Geneva, and various other regions in Asia and Europe. Many were in the US and hundreds more in Silicon Valley. In almost all cases, I attended them in person.  Last week, I took part in what may be the next significant way people experience media events and business meetings of all nature, thanks to a new VR application called Arthur.  Read the rest of the article.


As I was contemplating Apple’s AR/VR strategy, this conversation with Apple back in 1984 kept coming to mind.  Steve Jobs made it clear to me that while Apple did make computers, it was really a software company and his goal was to use software to advance user interfaces and applications that were easy to use by everyone.  As Jobs told me then, Apple was and is even more so now a software company. Yes, they do innovative hardware but this hardware exists to take full advantage of Apple’s advancements in OS and UI design.  Read the rest of the article.

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The Real Significance Of AR VR and Mixed Reality

By Tim Bajarin

Augmented and Virtual Reality becoming the foundation of the new and powerful next paradigm in the user interface. Augmented and Virtual Reality …  Read the rest of the article.

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Can Augmented Reality Make Everyone Experts?

By Tim Bajarin

AR and VR and mixed reality software and glasses can help one become proficient in a lot of areas where years of training used to be needed …  Read the rest of the article.



This Is Augmented And Mixed Reality’s Essential Missing Ingredient

If you’ve been watching this space recently, you’ve probably heard talk of a third technology called mixed reality, or MR. It’s similar to augmented reality in that it mixes virtual with real-world scenes, but does so in more concrete ways. Mixed reality is essentially an attempt to bridge the gap between VR and AR.   Read the rest of the article.


Apple Augmented Reality Could Eventually Solve the Google Glass Problem 

Apple stands to have the most impact over the next two to five years. Apple’s introduction of ARKit, its new mobile platform for iOS 11 designed to make developing augmented reality apps easier, is set to revolutionize the user experience on the iPhone and iPad.  Read the rest of the article.


I love Virtual Reality But I’m Also Afraid Of It 

Could virtual reality be dangerous?  John Hanke worries that it could.  And he should know: Hanke is the CEO of Niantic, the company primarily responsible for the Pokemon Go phenomenon that struck.  Read the rest of the article.


This Technology Could Replace The Keyboard And Mouse

After three decades of mouse-and-keyboard computing, we’re on the precipice of the next major advancement in user interfaces: Virtual and augmented reality, or VR and AR.  Read the rest of the article.


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