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Revealed: Interest in Metaverse jobs up 900%

Metaverse Jobs

Revealed: Interest in Metaverse jobs up 900%

Revealed: Interest in Metaverse jobs up 900%

In a mere 6 months, the metaverse has rocketed from a barely-known concept to the subject of endless opinion, explanations and debates.

Ipsos Mori defines the Metaverse as “a virtual, computer-generated world where people can socialize, work and play.” While only 16% of Americans could accurately define the metaverse in early 2022, 42% are now familiar with the general concept.

Based on a survey of more than 31,000 workers, the Bankless Times studied Metaverse interests and attitudes. The massive increase of 938% in Google searches for metaverse jobs is indicative of 84% of people who said they would be working in the Metaverse.

Metaverse jobs include:

  • Jobs to design, build and maintain Metaverse infrastructure.
  • Existing jobs – from marketers to lawyers, customer service agents to retailers – transitioning to making the Metaverse an active part of their working lives. There will be more meetings, team socializing, conferences and work trips conducted by avatars. Metaverse-enabled shopping will explode as virtual storerooms become the norm.

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