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Investing in the Metaverse Cannot Wait

City skyline as shown in Metaverse digital representation

Investing in the Metaverse Cannot Wait

The metaverse is, as many now call it, “the future of the internet.” In that future, mixed reality is expected to transform the way all industries do business. However, some companies are already attempting to create that future. One example is Atlas Earth — a mobile-first gaming experience provider that enables players to buy virtual real estate. Although players are not able to shop with Atlas’ merchant partners in the metaverse, any real-world shopping they do with the partners has in-game effects in Atlas’ metaverse world.

Sami Khan, cofounder and CEO at Atlas Earth, Ethan Chuang, vice president of loyalty solutions at Mastercard Advisors, and Mike Paley, senior vice president of business development at Atlas Earth, discussed the possibilities of a metaverse that creates value for brands, customers and end-users.

According to Khan, creating value across the board is a virtuous cycle that builds a positive ecosystem as it moves from making a good product to marketing it effectively, attracting more investors and eventually building an even better product.

This is why companies like Mastercard are excited about jumping on new experiences like the ones that Atlas Earth offers in the metaverse.

“What marketers and retailers are looking for is basically access to consumers in the channels of their choosing,” said Chuang. The metaverse does a good job at “extending reach to a segment of the audience that many marketers and retailers prize,”.

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