ISM Management Team

The ISM management team has decades of experience creating and implementing customer-centric strategies that leverage CRM and other customer-facing technologies to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Founded in 1985 by CRM Industry thought leader Barton Goldenberg, ISM has created & implemented strategies to delight the customers of best-in-class organizations worldwide, including Blue Shield, Exxon Mobil, Heinz Kraft, Marriott and many others. ISM’s elite consulting team brings decades of work experience in specific areas of focus, including:

Engage ISM and be assured of a comprehensive process that incorporates people, process, and technology to ensure the success of CRM and other customer-centric strategy initiatives. Our unique, time-tested change management methodology combines both ‘top-down’ (executive and management) and ‘bottom-up’ (front-line sales, service and marketing personnel) perspectives to ensure that both management and functional up considerations are properly balanced, and that front-line benefits that lead to quick wins get implemented early on. Contact ISM today to share your organization’s specific customer-centric challenges and opportunities. Learn how our structured process can create sustainable solutions to your company’s unique requirements.

Every ISM engagement has one goal – help our clients leverage technology within their unique organizational environment to maximize customer acquisition, retention and growth.