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KPMG Enters the Metaverse

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KPMG Enters the Metaverse

As KPMG enters the Metaverse, the Big 4 firm calls multitrillion-dollar estimates ‘conservative’

KPMG U.S. and Canada are opening a Metaverse “collaboration hub” to connect employees, clients, and others with Web3, a so-called decentralized version of the internet built on blockchain. It is collectively making a $30 million investment in Web3 experiences, with the Metaverse “hub” as the “signature piece.”

“The way we look at it, it’s not just augmented reality and virtual reality. It’s really the next iteration of the internet. It really encompasses everything that the internet would encompass, but it’s more interactive,” said Cliff Justice, KPMG U.S. leader of enterprise innovation.

The “hub” will be primarily centered around “education, collaboration, training, events, and workshops.

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