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Metahood Raises $3M to Build the Zillow of the Metaverse


Metahood Raises $3M to Build the Zillow of the Metaverse

Metaverse hype peaked early last year, but if the future internet does turn out to be a place where the masses are going to own digital property and establish businesses, then they will need a property sales platform: a Zillow or Redfin for the burgeoning metaverse.

That is what Metahood is building, and it just raised seed funding to bring that vision to life. The startup announced on January 18, 2023 that it raised $3 million in a seed round.

Metahood’s platform is designed to deliver more context for metaverse land buyers than a general-purpose NFT marketplace. It uses a map-driven interface to show available land plots in relation to those around it, providing a sense of the wider neighborhood or district while pointing out landmarks and highlighting sales trends, nearby land owners, and more.

Metahood supports early and in-development metaverse game worlds like Decentraland. The platform will support native NFT land plot listings from individual users, as well as aggregate listings from external marketplaces, while layering in added context.

Want to learn more about Metahood’s platform, such as their metaverse land plots?

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