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Meta’s CEO Disses Apple’s Vision Pro

meta vision pro dismissal

Meta’s CEO Disses Apple’s Vision Pro

Since Apple shipped the Vision Pro in February, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has made interesting and highly controversial observations and comments about it.

I understand Zuckerberg has to champion his device, but stating that the Quest is a “better product” is quite a stretch.

I have been using Vision Pro for a while now and have been using all versions of Quest. Comparing the Quest 3 and earlier models to Apple’s Vision Pro is absurd.

Vision Pro is the original Macintosh, while Quest headsets are like those word-processing devices. And if history repeats itself, the VR-focused headsets like Quest will be forgotten, while AR-focused ones like Vision Pro will grow to become the standard computers of the future.”

Want to learn more about Tim Bajarin’s view of the Meta Quest vs. the Apple Vision Pro market competition in the future?

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