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The Metaverse Could Add $3 Trillion to the Global Economy

Metaverse Revenue Projection

The Metaverse Could Add $3 Trillion to the Global Economy Within a Decade, New Study Suggests

The metaverse is poised to contribute $3 trillion to the global GDP within a decade.

The study, published by Analysis Group, concluded that in Europe an expansion of the virtual world could mean a contribution of 1.7 per cent – or $440 billion – to the continent’s economy in 10 years.

The report states if mass adoption of metaverse technology started in 2022, it would lead to a 2.8 per cent contribution to global GDP by 2031.

Similar to the impact of mobile technology, the metaverse is expected to have far-reaching applications to society: transforming economic sectors such as education, health care, manufacturing, job training, communications, entertainment, and retail.

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