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Identity Protection is Key to Metaverse Innovation


Identity Protection is Key to Metaverse Innovation

Identity Protection is Key to Metaverse Innovation

Identity protection will be a critical part of successful business operations in the metaverse—and it is an especially important consideration for any organization getting into the metaverse.

Jeff Schilling, the Global Chief Information Security Officer at Teleperformance states “The threat of social engineering will potentially be even more effective in a 3D world, where deepfakes will be prevalent and an imposter is even more capable of tricking victims. No matter the medium— telephone or metaverse—the best way to resist social engineering is by having a foolproof way to validate who is on the other end of the conversation.” Thus in the metaverse, the role of cybersecurity will be “an order of magnitude or two” very important.

In addition to more sophisticated social engineering schemes, other security threats could become more menacing in the metaverse. New kinds of ransomware, for instance, could lead to large-scale “cryptojacking,” taking over systems for use in cryptocurrency mining. Consumer-facing malware and Trojan horses could become more insidious, with malicious code taking the form, for example, of free swag for an avatar.

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