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The Metaverse Could Be Tech's Next Trillion-dollar Opportunity

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The Metaverse Could Be Tech's Next Trillion-dollar Opportunity

The Metaverse Could Be Tech’s Next Trillion-dollar Opportunity

These are the Companies Making It a Reality

The business world is obsessed with “the metaverse”: the concept of shared worlds driven by virtual products and digital experiences that are highly immersive and interactive.

According to CB Insights’ Industry Analyst Consensus, the metaverse could represent a $1 trillion market by the end of the decade. Some users — especially younger ones — may eventually earn, spend, and invest most of their money in digital worlds.

The metaverse is a vision, not a specific technology. This article provides a framework to navigate this evolving topic by breaking down the metaverse into distinct technological layers and highlighting the key vendors set on making the metaverse a reality in these areas:

  • Infrastructure (network & computing)
  • Access/interface (hardware)
  • Virtualization tools
  • Virtual worlds
  • Economic infrastructure
  • Experiences

Want to learn about which specific vendors are building each layer of the metaverse?

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