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The Metaverse will change your industry

Will your organization get there first?

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Will your Organization geT there first?

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Value Proposition

We have 75+ years combined consulting years successfully applying technology to improve business results.

We are thought leaders in Metaverse (VR-XR-AR); founders of the Metaverse Resource Center.

We have extensive knowledge of VR-XR-AR applications, vendors, and implementation partners.

We share best practices to ensure you create and implement the best virtual world program.

Tim and Barton are actively involved in each Metaverse (VR-XR-AR) engagement supported by a team of virtual world experts.

We deliver on-time, on-budget engagements.

How will the future of the enterprise be changed by the Metaverse?

Fast Facts


Virtual Worlds heighten user engagement, allowing experience and interaction in a 3D world


Virtual reality has exploded in the past 10 years and will only continue to grow


Augmented reality implementation provides consumers with a 360-degree product view


VR XR AR consulting transforms organization thinking, sparking innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage