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Metaverse Advisory Service

Our Metaverse advisory service is aimed at companies at any stage of their Metaverse (VR-XR-AR) strategy.

We provide you with 10 hours of Metaverse consultation per month to include these services:

  • Help develop Metaverse strategy and/or monitor and fine-tune existing virtual reality programs.
  • Continually update you on new Metaverse (VR-XR-AR) technologies that can enhance your virtual world program.
  • Recommend Metaverse (VR-XR-AR) technology.
  • Provide Metaverse case studies relevant to your business.
  • Assess what other companies in your industry are doing in the Metaverse.
  • We are always ‘on call’ and available for virtual briefings every 2 weeks.



Ready to learn more about the Metaverse Advisory Service?

Call (301) 656-8448 or schedule below to get started.

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