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XR/Metaverse Executive Bootcamp

Lower your operating costs and improve efficiency via the Metaverse

You don’t need high tech to get started

Did you know that by expanding into the Metaverse, you can:

  • Perform field service and lower your costs by up to 75%
  • Achieve up to a 60% improvement in training content recall and retention
  • Grow revenues up to 50% through immersive customer engagements

In the next 5 years 70% of brands will have a presence in the Metaverse. By 2025, the average adult will spend 25% of their time in the Metaverse. That figure increases to 50% by 2030. Is your company ready to do business successfully in the Metaverse? Or will you be the next Blockbuster, Borders, Xerox and arrive late to the party?

ISM offers XR/Metaverse Bootcamps every Tuesday at 1 PM EST.

We put the Metaverse in plain English

If you want a clear and easy-to-understand rundown on the Metaverse (and its value to your business), this is for you. You’ll be briefed by two world-renowned Metaverse gurus – Barton Goldenberg and Tim Bajarin, founders of the XR/Metaverse Resource Center that contains more than 100 Metaverse case studies – and there will be plenty of time for you to ask questions.

Have you heard about the Metaverse but don’t really know how it applies to your company? If you’ve ever thought:

“I’ve heard whispers about the Metaverse but don’t know how it applies to my company”

“The Metaverse sounds cool, but is probably way too expensive for us; we don’t have that kind of money”

“The Metaverse is too high-tech, and we have no idea where to start”

“The Metaverse is just another passing fad”

“Our product/industry doesn’t have any application/use for the Metaverse”

We’ll address all these concerns and more at no cost to you in the XR/Metaverse Bootcamp.

This 2-hour XR/Metaverse Bootcamp – targeted to your company’s sales, marketing, customer service, and field service executives – helps participants become pioneers to lead your company’s Metaverse efforts.

For a limited time, all who participate in ISM's XR/Metaverse Bootcamp will receive up to 10 complimentary copies of Barton's latest book: The Definitive Guide to Social CRM.

The Definitive Guide to Social CRM Book

Leading Fortune 200 companies leverage XR/Metaverse technology today to delight their customers, lower their costs and extract revenues from the Metaverse.

  • Learn how to position your company to have a long-term sustainable competitive advantage in the Metaverse
  • Gain the skills needed to raise the Metaverse technology bar within your company
  • Hear how leading Fortune 200 companies are using the Metaverse to attract, retain, and grow their customer base, buy and sell goods and services, improve field service while lowering costs, recruit and train personnel, and digitally engage with customers on a deeper level to grow lifetime customer value.
  • See how companies repair customer’s factory machinery anywhere in the world via remote assist (e.g., Microsoft), enhance their product offering (e.g., Lockheed Martin), design homes (e.g., IKEA), try on eyeglasses remotely (e.g., Warby Parker), configure a car’s exterior and interior (e.g., BMW), and more.

What We’ll Focus on In This Free 2-Hour Bootcamp

Part 1 – Metaverse Business Exploration: Understand the comprehensive shifts in business and how customers will be engaging with you in the Metaverse

Part 2 - Customized Business Applications: Hear multiple case studies of how companies like yours are already doing business successfully in the Metaverse

Part 3 - The 8 Steps to Do Business Successfully in the Metaverse: Go from theory to an 8-step action plan to chart your successful course into the Metaverse

Don’t Let Your Competition Get to the Metaverse First. Now’s the Time to Jump In

If you’ve been curious about the Metaverse, don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about our XR/Metaverse Bootcamp offering by attending our next XR/Metaverse Bootcamp information session, where we will walk you through our XR/Metaverse Bootcamp offering and answer all your questions.

Ready to learn more about the XR/Metaverse Bootcamp?

Call (301) 656-8448 or schedule below to get started.

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