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The Metaverse: Opportunity for the Business World

VR Utilization

The Metaverse: Opportunity for the Business World

The Metaverse is a Transformational Opportunity for the Business World

I first wrote the word metaverse on a whiteboard in October 2017. Wrapping up a multi-hour design session, we were searching for a word to describe a new mindset and approach to enterprise software that answered the question, “How should one build a modern customer relationship management (CRM) platform in today’s world, where every company is a digital company that needs more connection with its partners and ecosystem?” My former boss Marc Benioff was fond of challenging his team to think with a beginner’s mind. I took this with me as I left my role running the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and it led me to the metaverse.

Much of the world associates the metaverse with avatars and immersive VR experiences, which is key for consumers and some business applications, but this new computing paradigm offers a more foundational and transformative opportunity for the business world.

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