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The Metaverse Will Revolutionize Music Industry

Metaverse Music Industry

The Metaverse Will Revolutionize Music Industry

Today’s music industry will look as old-fashioned as a cassette tape once the metaverse is able to take full advantage of 5G technology, says Aarash Darroodi, executive vice president of Fender Musical Instruments. Darroodi states it is too early to tell what the future holds for music in the metaverse because of current hardware limitations. However, he expects radical changes once cheaper, faster and smaller devices allow developers to fully exploit 5G speed.

Darroodi believes the ultimate virtual reality device will be some sort of glasses. He says a partnership with a major fashion brand could help adoption. Darroodi furthermore believes that the metaverse will change how music is created, shared and consumed. However, music will remain a shared experience, particularly with live metaverse concerts that will look nothing like today’s pioneering efforts.

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