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My First Immersion in Apple Vision Pro: Heavy, Man!

Apple Vision Pro Review

My First Immersion in Apple Vision Pro: Heavy, Man!

By David Pogue
June 7, 2023

This morning, I spent half an hour trying the Apple Vision Pro headset. Here’s the punch line: This is one freaking mind-blowing piece of tech.

The result is so advanced and polished, it makes Meta’s VR headsets look like Blackberries.

Apple has a long history of coming in late to a game, doing it (and marketing it) better, and creating an industry. You know: Tablets. Smartwatches. Detached earbuds.

This headset is 1.0. It’s intended to be catnip for superfans and a shot across the bow of competitors. It’s a safe bet that there will be a Vision Pro 2 in 2025, and a Vision Pro 3 in 2026. Each edition will be lighter and less expensive.

In five years, it won’t cost $3,500. It will have become a standard big-ticket birthday/Christmas option for your kid, spouse, or parent, just the way Apple Watches or AirPods are now.

Here’s the big twist: The Vision Pro is also an augmented-reality (AR) headset, meaning that while wearing it, you can still see the real room around you. The graphics of your game, movie, or app seem to float within your physical space.

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