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New Metaverse Forum

Metaverse Standards Forum

New Metaverse Forum

Major XR Players Join New Metaverse Forum to Cooperate on Foundational Standards

Khronos Group, the consortium behind the OpenXR standard, is helping to assemble other XR industry players in service of cooperatively building interoperability standards for what it hopes will be an “open and inclusive metaverse.”

The so-called Metaverse Standards Forum was founded by platform holders, hardware companies, engine/tool creators, and users, with participants including companies such as Adobe, Autodesk, Epic Games, Unity, Meta, Microsoft, nVidia, OTOY, Qualcomm, and Sony.

Its founders says the Forum, which will hold its first meeting in July 2022, will focus on “practical, actionable interoperability projects that can ‘move the needle’ on aspects of the metaverse that are needed by broad consensus.”

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