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Phygital Events Will Change the Event Industry

Phygital Event

Phygital Events Will Change the Event Industry

How Phygital Events Will Change the Event Industry

Online events have become the norm, and despite the easing of Covid-19, many events still take place online. However, we can expect events to undergo another transformation in the coming years as virtual events appear. With the upcoming metaverse, virtual events are poised to become the dominant format in the event industry. They give attendees, and speakers, greater flexibility regarding time, place, and interactions. As a result, more companies will embrace the metaverse to offer unique experiences that allow people to meet virtually in immersive environments.

With the help of virtual platforms, we can reach out to many people without worrying about the location or space limitations that may have been a problem in the past.

A 2022 study by LinkedIn showed how virtual corporate conferences have increased since 2020. The report indicates that due to the cost savings and the fact that virtual events are environmentally sustainable, there will be an increased need for virtual event platforms and virtual event planners to make all these virtual events successful.

The immersive internet will bring about a new type of event: the Phygital event. These hybrid events have arisen due to the post-pandemic need to connect real-life experiences in physical spaces with the life we live digitally. This includes meeting up with colleagues we haven’t seen in a while or feeling like you’re in different spaces instead of your living room, all through experiences that immerse you in a digital universe.

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