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The vision of the Metaverse is still evolving. Integrating current business practices into a virtual world will be a business disruptor over time.

These podcasts with Barton Goldenberg and Tim Bajarin focus on current examples and case studies on how best-in-class enterprises, highlighted below, are already using virtual worlds to train staff, interact with field service workers, and use VR for sales, marketing and customer service. Barton and Tim share how to prepare for and integrate XR (VR/AR/MR) technology into ongoing business operations to drive business success.

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Companies highlighted on the Podcast include:

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Most Popular Episodes of Business Success in a Virtual World Podcast

Apple Vision Pro Goggles Defines the Future of How Customers Will Conduct Business in a Virtual World

This podcast episode highlights Apple’s new Vision Pro goggles. Tim Bajarin, a Silicon Valley guru, was among the first to demo this transformational Apple product on June 5, 2023 at the Apple campus. Tim and Barton discuss how Vision Pro and Vision Pro business apps that will be available in Q1 2024 will impact the future of how customers conduct business in a virtual world.

Verizon Making Strides Leveraging VR Technologies

Barton Goldenberg and Tim Bajarin discuss the challenges facing Verizon and its strategies utilizing VR technologies. Barton highlights Verizon and dives into two Verizon challenges: How Verizon utilizes VR technologies in-house and how Verizon is poised to be a content creator for the Metaverse.

Pfizer Innovates Using XR (AR/VR/MR) Technology to Train Thousands for New Factory Workers for Covid-19 Vaccine Manufacturing

Barton Goldenberg highlights how the 174 year old pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, utilizes XR, AR, and VR technologies to give it competitive advantages planning factories in future planning and in training its employees.

Marriott International: Leading the Way Connecting with the Next Generation of Travelers

Marriott International is one of the first Hospitality brands to embrace and utilize digital tools. Its utilization XR tools (VR/AR/MR) technology to help to address Millennial and Gen Z travel expectations. This includes creating new and exciting travel virtual experiences that ignite the curiosity of Millennial and Gen Z travelers.

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