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Preview of CRM Evolution 2011 Bootcamp

Preview of CRM Evolution 2011 Bootcamp

My 3-part CRM Executive Bootcamp at CRM Evolution 2011 (August 8-10, NYC) will review how CRM, Social CRM and Social Media are changing the way that companies successfully realize their customer-centric strategies.  The bootcamp breaks the discussion into core success components including:

·         Process: We dig into key process areas including how to secure the effective use of sales pipeline management, how to create new digital marketing processes, how to effectively utilize social media to lower customer support costs
·         People: We review key change management topics to include creating an effective CRM Communications Plan, creating a CRM Training Plan, securing Executive Sponsorship, creating the  optimal CRM governance structure, putting into place meaningful rewards and incentives to drive high CRM user adoption, and creating meaningful CRM metrics
·         Technology: We examine how organizations are utilizing the new CRM technologies – especially in the areas of sales, digital marketing, social-media based support, mobile CRM, and Social CRM – to deepen customer relationships by creating two-way dialogues with customers/prospects

Attendees of the bootcamp will learn some of these core takeaways:

·         Social CRM is built on the CRM foundation and integrates the social customer into CRM profiles and activities
·         Social CRM cannot take place without meaningful social media communities
·         Sales 2.0 tools, especially in the area of lead qualification, are welcomed additions to a sales person’s toolbox
·         Digital marketing is at its infancy; the new tools including predictive modeling are poised to take digital marketing to new heights
·         Social media tools, when properly implemented, will continue to drive down customer support costs
·         New business analytics tools are providing deep insight into enhanced decision making and must become a core component of every successful CRM initiative

Looking forward to the interactive session next week. What’s your take?

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