The Definitive Guide to Social CRM

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An introduction to The Definitive Guide to Social CRM

By the author, Barton Goldenberg, Founder & President, ISM Inc.

As I see it, Social CRM is the next logical step in CRM’s evolution. If CRM is a business approach that integrates people, process and technology to maximize relationships with all customers, provides seamless collaboration between all customer-facing functions and increasingly leverages the Internet and Social Media, then Social CRM is the next wave that will engage the ‘social customer’ in customer relationship efforts.

The increasing interplay of Social Media with CRM has created an entirely new marketplace called Social CRM, which the prominent market research firm: Markets and Markets forecasts will grow to more than a $9 billion global market by 2018. Social CRM is the intersection between Social Media and CRM. It consists of harvesting information from public and private Social Media websites, integrating this information within a customer profile and then leveraging the expanded customer profile to engage with customers via the channel of their choice to provide better personalize customer service, marketing messages and sales offers.


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About the Author

Barton Goldenberg, Author and Founder & President, ISM Inc.

For 30 years Barton has been in the forefront of CRM with his methodologies to ensure the success of customer-centric initiatives widely recognized as industry standards. He was one of the three initial inductees to the CRM Hall of Fame in 2003 and he has been the recipient of numerous industry awards.

Barton’s earlier books, CRM Automation and CRM in Real Time have been adopted as industry guidelines. With global, best-in-class clients, Barton’s in-the trenches experience has made him both a sought-after speaker, e.g., Gartner, Dreamforce, Selling Power, and a writer including as a long-term columnist for CRM Magazine and as a quoted source for the trade and business media.

He holds a B.Sc. (Economics) degree with honors from the Wharton School of Business and a M.Sc. (Economics) degree from the London School of Economics.

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