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‘Ready Player One’ IRL? How Ernest Cline is Making His Metaverse Dream a (Virtual) Reality

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‘Ready Player One’ IRL? How Ernest Cline is Making His Metaverse Dream a (Virtual) Reality

In the sci-fi novel and film “Ready Player One,” future humans spend much of their lives in the OASIS, a virtual reality wonderland in which “the limits of reality are your own imagination.”

Now, a virtual world inspired by OASIS is being brought to life.

“Ready Player One” author Ernest Cline and the film’s producer, Dan Farah, are working to launch a Metaverse, or an interactive 3-D virtual world, similar to the one depicted in the novel and the 2018 Steven Spielberg-directed film adaptation.

The company behind the new venture is called Futureverse. The partners are working with media giant Warner Brothers Discovery to start bringing the “Ready Player One” franchise to the Metaverse early this year. The new online world, dubbed the Readyverse, will be filled with digital experiences, like games and places to hang out with friends virtually through VR headsets and other devices.

The draw of the Readyverse, Cline said, is that is creates an environment for people to spend time with the characters and worlds they could previously only reconnect with by watching a movie multiple times.

To bring “Ready Player One” to (virtual) life, Futureverse, Cline and Farah have launched Readyverse Studios, a Los Angeles-based firm with 30 employees. The goal, said Futureverse co-founder Aaron McDonald, is to eventually incorporate characters and worlds from all over the Internet into the Readyverse — similar to how the “Ready Player One” film brought in IP such as Batman, Freddy Krueger and Marvin the Martian.

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