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Remedial Training'sFor CRM Systems

Remedial Training'sFor CRM Systems

Individuals trained on the system who use the system soon after are likely to retain much of their training. However, even the most seasoned learner can benefit from periodic remedial training updates, particularly if there are new systems releases that include new functions and features. Remedial training sessions should be scheduled within six months after the system has been implemented and at least annually thereafter. Again, supplemental training can be channeled via e-learning and Internet/Web-based online training. Ask your vendor what capabilities are available.

Regardless of the training format(s) you choose, your company should take training seriously. I have seen more than one CRM system fail because of insufficient training. My firm helped one company with its training; the company did not have PCs set up, the software had not been loaded, no printers were available, and no modems were installed for proper training. This company’s CRM system was in trouble from the start.

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