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Marketing VR and AR Demonstrates High-Value Medical Equipment Increases Sales Conversations

Accuray, an oncology company, needed to show potential buyers all over the world its products to generate sales. But when the products are rare machines the size of MRI scanners, the task of transporting them is not easy. Normal videos and brochures cannot show the advanced features of the products in compelling enough detail, so the challenge for the marketing team was to:

  • Assist salespeople in converting leads by showing the cutting-edge nature of the product.
  • Create a portable alternative to transporting entire machines.
  • Generate interest in the product at shows and events.

Using Zappar AR technology, Accuray created a way for people to see what is inside machines such as the Radixact Treatment Delivery System. Hovering an iPad or iPhone over a printed image of the machine projects information about the X-ray radiation, refined beamlines, and fast imaging technology used to deliver treatments.

High-value purchases such as these machines require salespeople with specialist understanding. Marketing VR and AR technology enable these conversations rather than replacing them. With this Marketing VR and AR technology, multiple stakeholders can be engaged at one time.

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