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Alzheimer's Research UK

Alzheimer's Research UK

Alzheimer's Research UK

Marketing VR Provides Prospective Donors with a First-hand Perspective of Alzheimer’s Disease

Marketing VR technologies are useful tools to assist social causes by putting users into someone else’s shoes. This was the goal of Alzheimer’s Research UK when they partnered with Google Cardboard to create their app, “A Walk Through Dementia”.

The app helps people experience the everyday tasks and struggles with living with dementia. With sound and visual manipulation, the app shows users the difficulties people with dementia deal with, like having trouble reading lists and being overwhelmed by the noise outside. As it is a phone app, the project is widely available and can reach a broad audience. The Google Cardboard device makes it a full VR experience.

By giving users a first-hand perspective into the disease with the assistance of Marketing VR, the organization makes the cause personal. People can see why they should donate to support Alzheimer’s research after realizing how difficult it is to live with the condition.

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