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AR Technologies Enables Enhanced Visualization of Asos Products

Asos is no stranger to mobile innovation, having previously integrated visual search into its highly usable mobile app. In 2019, Asos fully got on board with AR, launching an experimental Marketing VR and AR feature called Virtual Catwalk, which is designed to help app users visualize 100 Asos Design products.

The Marketing VR feature works when a user points their smartphone camera at a suitable flat surface and clicks the ‘AR’ button on the product page in the app. Models then virtually appear, giving the customer a new and more intimate way of viewing products.

While this feature will not necessarily help to combat the issue of returns – as there is no way to determine how the product will fit or look on the customer – it does bring the item to life in a way that is far more effective than a photograph or online video. By bringing the model (and product) into the space of the user, the online shopping experience becomes much more immersive and engaging.

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