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VR Technologies Enables Viewing Real Estate Properties in a VR Environment

BNP Paribas Real Estate (BNP), in partnership with Mimesys, was the first company to experiment with a form of virtual reality known as holoportation. Property investors can don a virtual reality headset to meet with brokers and take a 3D tour of prospective house purchases. With holoportation, real estate agents could theoretically take their clients anywhere in the world using only a virtual reality headset and 3D cameras.

As well as offering buyers and investors the chance to explore a building remotely, Marketing VR allows users to explore far beyond the general vicinity, allowing them to see the outside of a building, its campus, and the city around it. These perspectives can help buyers understand how a property looks, feels, and fits in with the surrounding architecture, its location concerning the environment, and how it is supported by local infrastructure.

The Marketing VR technology also enables an investor to meet his or her broker without traveling. Users donning the headset are transported to a meeting room where they can interact with a holographic image of their broker and pore over 3D models of the property plan before taking a virtual tour of the property in question.

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