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Bohemia Interactive Simulations

BISim’s Immersive Virtual Simulation Tools to be Utilized as Part of $179M US Army Training Contract

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a developer of advanced military simulation and training software announced in August 2022 that it has been subcontracted by Cole Engineering Services Inc. (CESI) to deliver significant components of the US Army’s next generation of collective training technology.

CESI announced it had been awarded a Training Simulation Software/Training Management Tools (TSS/TMT) contract by the US Army. The total value of the TSS/TMT contract awarded to CESI stood at $179 million. BISim stated that CESI plans to utilize all three of BISim’s primary immersive simulation and visualization products as part of the overall TSS/TMT solution.

According to BISim, The US Army’s Synthetic Training Environment (STE), of which TSS/TMT supplies the central software capabilities, will allow units and leaders to conduct “realistic, multi-echelon and multi-domain combined arms maneuver and mission command, live, collective training anywhere in the world.” TSS/TMT will also converge live, virtual and constructive capabilities in a single interface. Military leaders and instructors will be able to set up complex virtual battles fighting against artificially intelligent or instructor-controlled adversaries, with realistic AI behaviors at theater-wide scale. Soldiers will also be able to repeat these training missions many times over, facing new challenges that will help them to better prepare for live training and enhance their readiness for operations.

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