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BrandStar Studios Invests In Technology And Equipment To Provide Real-Time Virtual Production, Augmented Reality And Mixed Reality Capabilities

BrandStar Studios completed a multi-million dollar upgrade to its studios in September 2021, enabling the company to provide new virtual production, augmented reality and mixed reality capabilities in real time. This upgrade also includes implementation of the state-of-the-art Unreal Engine software, an advanced real-time 3D creation tool, which virtually renders complex sets, allowing real-time shooting, while exponentially reducing editing and post-production work.

The company has employed an entire team of Unreal Engine CGI artists, allowing for the development of the photo realism virtual environments for set builds, with available interior and exterior scenes from around the world. The enhancements will feature one of the largest LED Volume screens on the East Coast, measuring over 13 feet high and over 100 feet long, all within BrandStar’s 43,000-square-foot facilities.

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