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Crozer Health Becomes First Hospital to Utilize ThirdEye’s Mixed Reality Smart Glasses

ThirdEye, a provider of mixed reality (MR) enterprise solutions, announced in January 2022 its partnership with Crozer Health to bring a mixed reality product suite to its hospital system. The new partnership will see ThirdEye’s MR solution used in a healthcare setting for the first time, providing doctors with immediate access to patients and assisting first responders with treatment instructions. This is made possible with doctors having access to patient condition reports via ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses running on the RespondEye platform.

Features of the X2 MR Glasses that complement the tools that the RespondEye platform offers healthcare workers include: a built-in thermal sensor that gives doctors the capability to complete thermal scans of patients and taking live temperature readings, all whilst being hands-free.

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