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Curebase and AppliedVR Partner to Run Clinical Trials to Assess the Effectiveness of VR-based Therapy

Curebase, a company committed to democratizing access to clinical studies, and AppliedVR, a provider of virtual reality (VR) therapeutics and immersive treatments, announced in August 2021, a one-year partnership where AppliedVR will deploy the Curebase platform to run five clinical trials assessing the effectiveness of VR-based therapy to treat chronic pain.

AppliedVR offers an evidence-based therapeutic VR platform for pain management, and has been used by more than 30,000 patients across more than 240 health systems globally, according to the company. The clinical trials with Curebase will focus on studying a self-administered, at-home VR therapy program, with Curebase software managing online patient recruitment, consent, participant engagement, and collecting patient reported outcomes. The Curebase platform will also support clinical workflows, including randomization schema, research coordinator communication, PI oversight, and coordination of VR headset and trial kit distribution.

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