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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technologies Enables Enhanced Warehouse Operations

Smartglasses help personnel locate, scan, sort, and move inventory without handheld scanners. DHL was one of the first companies to explore Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality back in 2014 and has expanded its “vision picking program” worldwide. The third-party logistics provider gives warehouse workers smartglasses which help them locate, scan, sort, and move inventory without using handheld scanners or referencing paper forms.

The integrated heads-up display overlays key parcel information within the company’s logistics hubs, scans barcodes, and relays instructions in real time. Workers using the glasses are 15 percent more productive, according to DHL.

DHL has been progressively rolling them out to more of its warehouses around the world during the last few years, most recently expanding use to its internal express hubs in Brussels and Los Angeles, with plans to roll them out at airports in New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago. Looking ahead, DHL Supply Chain COO and CIO Markus Voss said the glasses would eventually be upgraded with object recognition.

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